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Creative Playtime: How to make art and make it fun!

Today, I would like to cover art making for joy! Art making for no other purpose, other than to have fun. Creative Playtime!

Stop and think for a moment, when was the last time you made art for arts sake? Made art, just for the sole purpose of having a good time?

With the creation of sip and paint classes, more and more people are tapping into their creative sides, and having a great time. But, did you know this is something you can access on your own time?

Below, I will share a few idea to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Wet on Wet watercolor:

-Grab yourself a sheet of watercolor paper, or any type of paper that has a bit of weight to it. Don't worry, this isn't about making a masterpiece...we are just trying to have fun!

-Get the paper very wet, I like to use a spray bottle and spray over the whole sheet

-Load up your paintbrush with some watercolor paints, you can use an inexpensive watercolor pallete here.

-Press your loaded brush into the watered down paper, and watch the colors move with a mind of their own! You may pick up the page and move it around, letting the paints flow. Or perhaps you get close to the page, and pretend you are blowing out birthday candles and watch the colors flow!

-If you are feeling extra adventurous, maybe you can load up the brush and then splatter paint onto the page.

2. Collage!

-Grab a few magazines, all types will work! Spend some time looking through the magazines, and pull out any images or words that catch your eye. Look for interesting patterns, color pops, inspirational quotes, etc.

-Using a sheet of paper, scissors, and a glue stick, spend some time chopping up the images you have chosen and arranging them on the page.

-Anything goes you want to give a bird human legs? Or vice versa? Who cares...just have fun!

3. Scribble drawing

-Get yourself a sheet of paper and something to draw with, this can be a crayon, pastel, marker, or ballpoint pen.

-Find a starting point, and draw yourself a scribble on the page. I like to draw for a few seconds....choose a time that works for you.

-Now the fun part....take a look at your scribble. Move the page around in different angles, what shapes do you see emerging? A duck? A truck? A made up animal of your own creation??

-Now grab some markers, pastels, crayons, etc. and develop the image that you see in the scribble further!

All of these ideas are fun to do with others or alone. There are no right or wrong ways to do it! You will find, art becomes more fun when you let go of expectation and judgement! Everyday, I get to see the magic of adults---who have not picked up art materials for years---find their joy in the act of creating. ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!

Take Care and Have Fun,


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