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What to expect

When you work with me, you can expect my complete presence. My orientation is person-centered and collaborative. It is my hope that you feel fully supported and respected while in session. 

I practice with a trauma-informed orientation, paying special focus to the experiences of our mind-body connection to help guide you out of the cognitive experiences and into a more holistic form of healing. I utilize trauma informed art therapy experiences and EMDR. 

In your first session, we will explore the issues that brought you into counseling, and identify therapy goals. Moving forward in our work, I will utilizes practices grounded in trauma-informed care, mindfulness, and honoring the mind-body connection in our somatic experiences. Typically we will meet for 55 minutes, weekly, however we can determine a frequency of sessions that meets your needs. You can expect that I will meet you and your emerging needs where you are, however typically we will check in, do an art or body experiential, and then wrap up the session with grounding as you transition to the rest of your day/evening. 

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