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Connecting Through the Mundane

Spring is finally upon us, which here in my part of the world means everything is emerging, growing, and expanding. It is one of my favorite times of the year, and I get so much joy from walking through my garden to see what is newly emerging.

It's also a time of maintenance. As everything outside begins to grow at a speedy rate, it takes a bit more effort to keep up. Lawns need mowed, hedges trimmed, mulch spread, and my least favorite activity: stick bundling.

However, in the spirit of CONNECTING, I have brought a newfound appreciation to these mundane tasks.

I asked myself: What if I tuned in, and engaged in these tasks in a mindful, thoughtful and connected manner? What would be the outcome? Would I find more joy in the activity? What I hate every second of it? Would I do things more thoroughly?

The truth is, these things need to be completed....unless I want to have a MAJOR mess to clean up later. And that's pretty much how it goes for everything. Putting off the mundane (and like, never coming back to it) doesn't really solve the problem. In fact, the dishes get stinkier, the weeds grow higher, and the laundry piles up.

Tuning into these activities adds a new layer to the mix: the potential for CONNECTION. No, mowing the lawn isn't my favorite thing to do...BUT, the vibration on my hands as I push the mower across the lawn reminds me that I am alive. The sweat that breaks across my forehead reminds me that I am nourishing my body through movement. The mindfulness I bring into this activity keeps me safe, so that I don't injure or harm myself. When I finish, my senses are overwhelmed with the smell of fresh cut grass, and a sense of accomplishment in my chest...I did this!

Next time you engage in your mundane activities of daily living, consider what it might be like to add a bit of connection in the mix...

Take Care,


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