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Clearing Space: Limitless Potential

When you make the bold choice to clear space in your life, you are opened up to limitless potential and boundless opportunity. Clearing space can come in the form of throwing out clutter, clearing a spot in your schedule, or letting go of a feeling that no longer serves you.

More then ever, we seem to be tied down to possessions, ruminating thoughts, and obligations. Not all are "bad," but an essential question to be asking yourself: "how does this serve me?"

"It is in the space between the inner and outer world, which is also the space between people--- the transitional space--- that intimate relationships and creativity occur"

-D.W. Winnicott


Let's look at five ways that CLEARING space makes room for NEW opportunities, and limitless potential:

1. Clearing Space for more self care:

Have you ever had the desire to engage in something that is "self care" and then immediately thought, "I don't have time for that!" It's true, self care takes time....even a few minutes is a measure of time. But, it becomes much easier if you are CLEARING out the space for it, and really making it a priority.

Also, while we are on this topic, let's rewire the way we think about self-care. When I say self-care, I don't mean massages and lavish vacations. Indulging can be a part of it, if that works for you, but let's instead ground down into the idea of "caring for self."

Caring for self means: washing your hair, brushing your teeth, packing lunch, laying out clothes, clearing out the dishwasher, yoga, breathing, playing with your kids, calling a friend...and the list goes on and on. A healthy care for self practice is measured in the little moments. The things that Future You will be ecstatic that you did (I LOVE myself so much when I find that I already did the dishes).

2. Clearing Space for spontaneity:

When you allow space in your schedule, you find that you have more TIME to be spontaneous. You also may feel like you have more space to be playful. Clearing out the clutter (physical, emotionally, and mentally) allows you to embrace life with ease and joy, and allows for the best parts about life to emerge...the moments that weren't painstakingly planned for.

3. Clearing Space for connection:

Have you ever felt so bogged down with plans, schedules, commitments, obligations, that you start to isolate and withdraw?

When you start to make space in your life, then connecting with others and connecting with yourself, doesn't feel like such a drain on your energy. When you make space for yourself, then your time may not feel like such a precious resource.

When you are clearing out space, you also may find that you have more clarity on what feels good to connect with and what doesn't feel good to connect with. You may find that you have more energy to assert your boundaries, and setting limits.

4. Clearing Space for creativity:

More space can mean more time for creativity. You may now find that you have the energy to start that new painting, or that new knitting project.

Maybe, you used your clearing energy to weed your garden bed, allowing for the space to plant that garden you always dreamed of.

Maybe you find that you have a little extra time in the morning, and you can engage in some creative play with your kiddos before they go off to school.

Creativity doesn't have to mean painting, drawing, dancing, etc. Creativity can be working on solving a problem that has been bugging you; or maybe it's figuring out which curtains will look best in your living room. It can be as simple as looking for shapes in the clouds, on a nice spring day.

5. Clearing Space to reflect:

Finally, clearing out space can allow you more time to reflect. Thinking isn't always a bad thing, especially when it comes in the form of self reflection and development. Perhaps you pick up a notebook and start a journal practice (it's so good for you!)

Maybe now that you have more space, you find that its time to get into therapy, finding a professional that can help you along in this journey. Or, maybe you have the space and clarity to be able to address a gnawing interpersonal problem.

Perhaps reflection comes in the form of silent prayer? Maybe you take up meditation or mindful breathing. Maybe you begin a gratitude practice, spending time at the end of your day to reflect on went well.

Take Care,


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