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This month, we will focus on PARTICIPATING!

par·tic·i·pate /pärˈtisəˌpāt/


1. take part.

Participating can often be easier said then done, but it is a healthy and positive way to feel present and grounded in safe experiences. Often, if you have ever found yourself feeling down, lost, sad, etc. after being in a group activity, upon reflection, you may find that your own lack of participation contributed to negative feelings.

Participating can be a challenging experience to access, especially in times of mental health distress. You may often find yourself retreating inside, whether that be literally or metaphorically. It's common to distance yourself from an experience, to not fully engage, and hang out around the edges.

BUT, it can be incredibly healing and magical when you allow yourself the permission to participate, and enjoy and engage in the experiences around you. It can allow you to leave, having a full memory of what happened and how you felt about it.

So what does this mean and/or look like?

Participating means:

-sharing in the experience

-being involved

-engaging meaningfully


Some ideas for how you can practice participation in your life:

1. Next time you are at a concert, allow yourself to move to the music. Let any fear or worry go, and just enjoy the beat and the experience. Participate in the art.

2. In a social gathering, start a conversation with the person next to you. Really listen to the words they are saying, and develop meaningful responses.

3. If you go to a sporting event, clap along when your team does well. Allow yourself to cheer and express joy, high-fiving those around you.

4. Get down on the floor with your kid. Let them direct the play. If they tell you to be a fish, act like a fish. If they tell you to sing at the top of your lungs, then do it! Participate in the joy and the play.

5. Go for a walk, and notice your senses. Participate in the nature that is around you, and notice how it effects your internal system.

You can follow along as I share about my participating experience on Instagram, using the #12monthsofgrounding. I look forward to seeing what creative ways you access PARTICIPATING in your life this month!

Take Care,