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This month's focus will be about SENSING. The previous months will help guide you through tapping into your internal awareness, to increase your sense of self and awareness.

sense /sens/


1. perceive by a sense or senses

2. to be aware of

Tapping into our senses allows us to be more aware of ourselves in the world. Our whole bodies are constantly taking in information through our senses, and making meaning of that information. Sensing is how we get queues of what our bodies need. Its how we stay safe. Its how we know to take care. Basically, learning to engage in sensing is super important.

Here are some ideas you can shift focus to this over the next month:

1. Sit in a quiet space, and just notice the sensory information your body is taking in. What are your five senses telling you? What does your body need to feel more comfortable? Have you been holding tension and didn't even notice it? Listen to your bodies queues that you need to actively relax your muscles.

2. Feeling emotional? Take a moment to explore your body sensations. What signals from your body can you sense that are related to that emotion? Does anxiety make your heart race? Sadness may feel heavy. Joy may feel light and expansive. The emotional experience will be deeper through this awareness.

3. Doing something physical? Try to spend time sensing your body in the space. How do your muscles, ligaments, bones, etc feel? Is there a way you could position your body to optimize the experience? Yoga is a great place to practice this!

4. Next time you have a meal, try to sense the fullness in your body. Sometimes, when we are not grounded and aware, we miss queues from our bodies telling us we are full, and this can lead to not feeling so great afterwards. Try to listen with open awareness, so that you are taking care of your body and knowing when you have met your edge...(this can go for any activity, beyond food intake).

You can follow along as I share about my sensing experience on Instagram, using the #12monthsofgrounding. I look forward to seeing what creative ways you access SENSING in your life this month!

Take Care,


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