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After a month of CONNECTING, we will now shift into a month of FEELING.

feel·ing /ˈfēliNG/


1. an emotional state or reaction.

Now, I can imagine the audible moans and groans at the idea of spending a month (and hopefully the rest of your life, thereafter) feeling. Many people fantasize about NOT FEELING anything at all. But, I am here to tell you that IT IS OK TO FEEL. In fact, it is more then OK...it is absolutely necessary.

Individuals may feel that they have no control over their emotions, and so a way to deal with that is to not feel them at all. But then what happens, is we become disconnected from our bodies, and spend life going through the motions...and, I don't think anyone wants to do that.

There are very real reasons that not feeling can be a protective superpower, for example, when a person is experiencing trauma. It may not be safe to feel, and so our bodies do this amazing thing to protect us from the overwhelm of all of that emotion. But, the truth is, that this level of dissociation is not necessary for the regular day to day experience, and in fact can put you at more risk.

For example, have you driven in your car, got to your destination, and don't even remember how you got there. That is pretty freakin' terrifying! We need to turn off the autopilot, and get back into the experience of living! And the best way to do that is to get in touch with our sense of feeling.

Now, if you have been following along, it should be no surprise to you that we are here. So far, we have spent time CLEARING, OBSERVING, BREATHING, AND CONNECTING. Now, I just ask that you spend a bit of time FEELING.

A good place to start, is to begin to familiarize yourself with an emotional vocabulary. The basic core emotions are: Anger, Sadness, Joy, Fear, and Disgust. Just tune into those, and expand from there. We will talk more about the experience of emotions throughout the month, but just begin in this space, noticing to what degree you experience these emotions. Chances are, you may feel them all everyday, to some degree (which is totally normal, and appropriate).

You can follow along as I share about my feeling experience on Instagram, using the #12monthsofgrounding. I look forward to seeing what creative ways you access FEELING in your life this month!

Take Care,


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