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For the month of April, we will continue to build on the skills learned in the previous month, and apply them to CONNECTING.

con·nect-ing /kəˈnekt/


  1. bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established

Connecting is the act of joining and bringing together. It can assist in fostering a sense of grounding, connecting deeper with the world around you and the present moment.

Here are a few ideas for ways you can work on CONNECTING over the next month:

1. Meet up with a friend. Perhaps this is someone you see regularly, or maybe someone you haven't seen in a while.

2. Spend time with an animal. This could be your pet, or maybe a friends. Perhaps you walk around a nature conservatory and view the animals in their natural habitat.

3. Step outside in your bare feet. Notice the way it feels to have your feet directly connected with the Earth.

4. Ask someone for their permission to share a hug, or to hold their hand. Feel the connection of this contact, their hand in yours, or the weight of their embrace.

5. Call a family member on the phone. Or better yet, write them a letter. Connect through the power of words.

You can follow along as I share about my connecting experience on Instagram, using the #12monthsofgrounding. I look forward to seeing what creative ways you access CONNECTING in your life this month!

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