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Welcome to the first installment of 12 Months of Grounding!

In January, we will be focusing on CLEARING.

clear·ing /ˈkliriNG/


  1. an open space in a forest, especially one cleared for cultivation.

Maybe it is because it is a New Year, or maybe it is because Netflix just released a new show, based off the KonMari Method: TIDYING UP; but all I have wanted to do lately is MAKE SPACE! (disclaimer: after watching just one episode of this show, you may find yourself wanting to organize and purge every space in your home...you've been warned!)

Now, I don't really mean that by focusing on clearing, that you need to start literally CLEARING and getting rid of all of your stuff. However, chances are that you could use a bit more space in your life: literally, metaphorically, energetically, or all of the above...

So, what does/can clearing look like, and how does it relate to grounding?

Grounding is the act of bringing yourself into the here and now, the world around you, and being in the present. By mindfully participating in the act of making space, you are inviting awareness into your present experience. Often, I hear from people that they have trouble with mindfulness and being in the present because their environment is messy, or they don't have the time.....etc., etc., etc..... So, let's start this thing off by making that change first. Let's clear space now, so that all the months to come are met with open space!

Here are just a FEW ideas of ways you can begin to cultivate clearing:

1. Clearing space in your calendar: saying no to things you don't feel like doing, i.e. BOUNDARIES

2. Reserving an hour in your day, week, month that is dedicated to just you. Set a date, and make that space.

3. Creating a special space in your home that is sacred, just for you, Maybe you read here, maybe you meditate here, maybe you do some yoga here....opportunities are endless.

4. Take a few cleansing and deep breaths, in and out, clearing the path between your nose/mouth down to your diaphragm.

5. Focus in on your body, are you holding tension? Are there any areas of discomfort? Work on releasing that tension, and clear out some space between your bones, muscles, tendons, etc.

6. Meditate on the word: clearing.....what images, sounds, words, emotions come up for you? What do you need in order to cultivate what emerges?

7. Roll your shoulders up, back and down....feel that? So much space just cleared a path in your front body.

8. Go through your space, is there anything you don't need? Maybe someone else would benefit from these items, and perhaps you can donate to a local Goodwill or charity?

9. Maybe you begin a ritual of clearing the sink of dishes before you head to bed for the night.

10. Practice some healthy self care: get your teeth cleaned, go to acupuncture or a massage, schedule a visit with your therapist....perhaps you make a decision to clear out the gunk, wherever is lives in your body, mind, and soul.

Once we have invited in more space, a clearing, you may find that you have more room to invite in more ritual, healthy habits and grounding into your daily life. Let this month be a starting point. I invite you to join me in cultivating some clearing in your life...whatever feels good to you!

You can follow along as I share about my clearing experience on Instagram, using the #12monthsofgrounding. I look forward to seeing what creative ways you access CLEARING in your life this month!

Take Care,


PS. Look out for the next installment on the of 8th of every month!

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